GoodWill Treasures

I am back again! I got buried beneath a mountain of knitting and SEO research. Oi! I am halfway done with my 2nd yoga sock and it looks just lovely! If I have the yarn to do it I will have 2 more pair after this, I think I can do it. My mind has been sparked with imaginings for several days now. Designs flying through my head keeping me distracted and I only hope I can knit them up as good as I see in my head. My shop is going well but is in the process of a total revamp to make it SEO friendly and to give it a sense of unity. I’m excited by the prospect of what it can become. I am also ecstatic about my glorious find yesterday when after dropping bags and bags of stuff that collected dust and space in my room I popped into the Goodwill to see what I could see. It was the first thing I saw, all innocent and jumbled together without a care. Ten skeins of 100 yards Brunswick Yellow Orlon Acrylic yarn! I immediately snatched it up, not that there was a stampede after it, and am now the proud owner of 1000 yards of vintage yellow worsted weight yarn, for just $10!  I have a plan for some of it, a secret project and once that is done I may, not decided yet, sell it on Etsy as vintage yarn. So much potential…so many plans….